Thursday, February 3, 2011

February's Hero of the Month

Hey Everyone!

We received one nomination for TAOE's February “HERO OF THE MONTH”, and I’m glad we didn’t have to decide between more than one!
We need your help to send encouragement to our chosen soldier! Just a reminder, our hero of the month program is a chance for you to write a letter to an American hero. Please take a moment from your busy schedule to thank someone who has ensured your freedom.

 This nomination is a special one and it comes from Joy Reader-Cummings.

Staff Sergeant Chaz Allen, a soldier from Ravia, Oklahoma, was hit with an IED in Afghanistan on January 21st. He was transported to the US military hospital at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Both of Chaz’s legs were amputated above the knees.  He also suffered a broken arm and a handful of other injuries.

SSG Allen was transported to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. and was in surgery on Wednesday January 26th.  His mother called the hospital and found out about the surgery, but didn't know what the surgery was for.  
Chaz’s mother, Denise, left for Washington D.C. on Friday January 28th.  She wants to thank everyone again for all the prayers and support she has received. She said Chaz was moved to a less intensive ICU room, and is doing better.
Chaz’s wife says his spirits are really good and he is joking around. He told his Dad he wanted some OU shorts. He really likes OU stuff and wants everyone to know he is from Oklahoma!

Chaz graduate from Tishomingo High School (in Oklahoma). He has been serving in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army since June.

Please read Mr. Chaz Allen’s story and send us your notes of thanks, encouragement, and well wishes. 
All messages must be received by Monday February 7th at 7pm (Central Standard Time).
The package will be send Monday afternoon. 
You can submit your message to Chaz via email at
Don't forget to sign your name, age, and where you're from.

Please feel free to pass this note along to your friends. The more messages the better!

Ashley Hyde
Founder - The Art of Encouragement


Here are some of the goodies we sent to Chaz!
A comfy OU Shirt and a no-sew pillow to help keep warm in those cold hospital rooms!

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