Saturday, April 2, 2011

The APRIL Hero of the Month - Ronnie McCulley

It's that time again! Our Hero of the Month is Ronnie McCulley. Ronnie is a 21 year-old from Owasso, Oklahoma.

Ronnie spent six months patrolling the rugged mountains of Afghanistan until he was injured in October 2010.

At about 3 o'clock in the morning, Ronnie saw a few guys that were walking in the riverbed in front of him.
Before he could call for help, he was hit with an incendiary device. His entire body caught on fire.

Countless surgeries later, Specialist McCulley is home. A cane and compression bandages are the only signs of his battle wounds. Specialist McCulley expects to undergo even more surgeries, including one to amputate his pinky.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this young hero is his gratitude. Despite all that he has gone through, he continues to keep a positive attitude, while thanking everyone around him for supporting him.

"You see people who have it way worse. It was an honor and a blessing to serve my country," the 21-year-old said.
Personally, I think his father said it best, "He's always thanking people and really, we need to be thanking him".

Alright guys, you know the drill! Let's overload this hero with some notes of encouragement and gratitude!
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A hero contintues to be strong on the outside because it is their job; it is their nature. No one can possibly know of the struggle that wrestles inside the brave and injured men and women of our armed forces. Let's make sure they always have something to remind them that people are grateful for their sacrfice, even in their darkest hours.

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