Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Card-A-Thon

What an experience! Our first public Card-A-Thon was a success!

We were able to sign 500 cards in a 5 hour period, and raise a total of $130 in pledges and donations!

We would like to thank Lush Fashions of OKC, the OK County Sheriff's Department, News 9, Fox 25, and all of the volunteers who came out to donate and sign cards.

Another exciting part of our Card-A-Thon was the amount of publicity we received because of it. Because of News 9 and Fox 25's interest in our charity project, we were able to reach a multitude of Oklahomans in and around the Metro area.

Check out our live interview before the Card-A-Thon


our feature story after the Card-A-Thon, both from News 9

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Pledge

Hello Everyone!

We are so excited for our first ever public Card-A-Thon! We will be at Quail Springs Mall this Saturday (March 5th, 2011) from 10am-3pm. We will be in the Oklahoma Sheriff's Department Sub-Station, just inside the Northeast mall entrance (Between Dillards and Sears).

We hope that you are able to join us as we inch closer to our goal of sending 20,000 Christmas cards to our heroic veterans!

We are also in need of individuals, groups, and businesses to make monetary pledges in order to cover the shipping costs of the cards! For every 10 cards we sign, it costs approximately $1 to ship them.  If you think your $1 won't make a difference, think again! 10 lives could be impacted this holiday season because of your single dollar.

Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover the shipping of the cards we sign this Saturday. Pledging your donation is so easy, and you can even do it in the comfort of your own home!

  • If you'd like to pledge now by debit or credit card, just click the donate button below!

  • If you'd like to pledge by check or money order, make all checks/money orders our to ASHLEY HYDE and put DONATION-TAOE in the memo line.  Please send checks to the address below!
    The Art of Encouragement
    P.O. Box 12922
    Oklahoma City, OK 73157-2922
  • You can always make your plege in person at our Card-A-Thon this Saturday! We hope to see you there!
20,000 cards, here we come!

Thank you to Lush Fashion Lounge in OKC for their $50 pledge! That's 500 cards already paid for!

Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to help you serve our nation's heroes,
Ashley Hyde - Founder